Mt. Kilimanjaro


Climb the World’s highest free standing mountain @5896m asl and then relax and enjoy a 5 day safari through Tanzania’s incredible National Parks.

TrekFit Australia are excited to announce the date for our 2019 Mt Kilimanjaro Trek.


Mt Kilimanjaro is an extinct volcano and is made up of 3 Peaks, Shira, Mawenzi and Kibo. The rock formations across these 3 peaks are dated back over 3 million years. The summit of Uhuru, is located on the peak of Kibo.

There are 7 main routes up to Uhuru summit, Lemosho, Rongai, Machame, Marangu, Mweka, Shira and Umbwe. Each of these routes vary in the number of days taken to reach the summit. Lemosho is the longest route (8 days in total), allowing trekkers sufficient and important time to acclimatized to the higher altitudes.

Some of the quicker routes, Marangu and Machame are often much more crowded with trekkers than the longer route of Lemosho.

TrekFit Australia appreciate the enormous effort and resources our clients have taken to attempt this trek and therefore only use the Lemosho Route to the Uhuru Summit. This is because we strive to have 100% of our clients reach the summit. This is important to us!

The Lemosho Route is the longest, thus allowing our clients and our Porter team, to acclimatize effectively. There are days where we will climb high and then sleep low to allow our bodies to adapt to the altitude.