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Kokoda Track, PNG

28th September to October 8th, 2020





The Kokoda Track is a journey that will take you to one of Australia’s most important WWII battle sites and immerse you that history. Walking the Kokoda Track will transport you to another time, when Australia was in danger of being invaded by the seemingly unstoppable Imperial Japanese Army. You will gain a great appreciation of the conditions endured by Australian Diggers as well as gain an understanding of local living conditions and cultures as well as the natural wonders of the Owen Stanley Ranges.

Walking the Kokoda Track involves 50 hours of hiking over 96km of sharp, timbered ridges, steep-sided valleys and fast flowing rivers. Vantage points along the Track reveal magnificent mountain landscapes, and a wide variety of flora and fauna is encountered. Trekkers pass through local villages where descendants of the wartime “fuzzy wuzzy angels” continue to live simple traditional lifestyles while providing a warm welcome to passing trekkers.

The best time to walk the Kokoda Track is in the dry season, April to October. It is definitely a drier time to go and the Track is in a good condition. You can trek in February, March, but it will very muddy and conditions are a lot tougher.   If you are up for a challenge, the wetter time of the year may be for you.